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To train public health students – as well as scholars from other disciplines – in the science of risk and resilience factors, health, neurobiological, and developmental sequelae, and evidence-based interventions for preventing and responding to lifetime experiences of trauma and violence, Dr. Wagman offers focused classes and academic mentorship.

COMHLT 229: Policy and Public Health Approaches to Violence Prevention

Examination of violence as a public health issues in the United States (U.S.) and across the globe. Course covers a range of topics, including definitions and characteristics of various forms of violence; prevalence, determinants and health outcomes/correlates of violence; violence-related policy and advocacy initiatives and violence prevention efforts (including education, behavior change, gender-transformative, and restorative justice approaches).

COMHLT 230: Family and Sexual Violence

Examination of rape, incest, and spouse and elder abuse. Presentation of definitions, causes, outcomes of research on family and sexual violence, as well as response of social service, medical, and criminal justice systems.

COMHLT 20: Public Health Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Medically accurate, fact-based course on sexuality, reproduction, and human relationships. Exploration of all topics from a comprehensive and inclusive public health perspective. Topics include history of sex education, human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health, reproductive health, and sexual violence. 


Dr. Wagman is available to serve as:


Doctoral Advisor


Masters Advisor


PhD Committee Member


MS Thesis Committee Member


MS Report Committee Member


Field Studies Advisor