Meet our PAW-sitive Companions


Ex-emotional support animal that turned out to be more anxious than his owner.  Loves watching TV, hiding in laundry piles, wearing sweaters, and growling at the mailman.


Kal, the food-obsessed 15-pound tabby who loves to play fetch, surprised everyone with his rapid learning of sit and paw commands, all thanks to his insatiable appetite for treats! 🐾🍖😺 He is not very happy with his current diet.


Exemplary blend of beauty, intelligence, poise, and athleticism.
Will spend hours slowly torturing her insect victims, only to devour them with a certain sense of self-satisfaction.
Tolerates forehead boops. Master biscuit-baker. Expert sun-bather. Sub-par rule-follower.
Absolute perfection and my best friend.


The sweetest, most sensitive belly-rub-demander around.


This is Sashimi. He is half-dog, half-Tasmanian Devil. He knows things the rest of us can never understand!


Wasabi loves adventure and has no real respect for preservation of the rodent or bird world. When he is not exploring, he sleeps like a hibernating 🐻 (but always welcomes a cuddle)

And he loves his dogs (oh, and his people).


Born in Baltimore, Flora has always had a good street sense. But these days she is enjoying her golden years – resting a lot and ruling the household. She is on her 19th life

Mei Mei

Mei Mei is a chonky professional biscuit maker who loves nothing more than eating until she throws up. She really sets the tone for the rest of the household inspiring a work hard, play hard attitude in that her owners work very hard to keep food on the table for her while she plays all day.


Half lover, half demon child. Embodying the spirit of the Norse God of Mischief, Loki, Toulouse shape shifts from angelic purr factory to cunning agent of chaos stalking her sister, Mei Mei, for her own entertainment.


Thinks he can take on any dog. But really is a spoilt little baby. Has the most expressive eyes and a mind of his own! Delhi streets to LA beaches. Will sell his parents for treats.