Assessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Literacy Among UCLA Students
Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) literacy is a person’s level of knowledge, personal skills, and confidence to make decisions about sexual life, particularly in the prevention of sexual risk behaviors. It encompasses the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors pertaining to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infection transmission, and sexual assault. Sexual health issues are prevalent in undergraduate communities: 26.8% of undergraduate females and 6.8% of males experience sexual assault, and 1 in 2 sexually active people will contract a sexually transmitted infection by age 25. Therefore, it is essential to understand what gaps exist in the undergraduate population’s SRH literacy, what disparities may exist, and how we can address these problems. We are conducting an online survey of UCLA undergraduate students to gain insight into SRH literacy in our campus community.

Research Aims

Aim 1:
Evaluate what factors affect UCLA undergraduate students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in the realm of sexual and reproductive health

Aim 2:
Evaluate UCLA undergraduate students’ awareness of campus sexual and reproductive health resources

Aim 3:
Determine how resources on campus can most effectively serve the sexual and reproductive health needs of students

Funding Source

UCLA Student Wellness Commission

This project is supported by the Student Education And Research of Contemporary Health (SEARCH) Committee of the UCLA Student Wellness Commission (SWC). SEARCH was established to support research on health topics pertinent to the UCLA student body and to find effective and interesting ways to disseminate this information.

To Get Involved

Survey data collection has ended. Qualitative research will be conducted in the 2022-2023 academic year. Please check back for updates. If you would like more information now, please email Claudia Brewer at

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Research Team

Claudia Brewer

Lead undergraduate student researcher,

Jennifer Wagman, PhD, MHS

Faculty Mentor,

Joanne Sarsam

Undergraduate student researcher

Chloe Manavi

Undergraduate student researcher

Sabrina Dou

Undergraduate student researcher

Simran Athwal

Undergraduate student researcher

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