Developing Policies and Programs to Address Sexual Misconduct and Harassment at Maseno University in Kenya

Sexual harassment is associated with mental health problems, loss of work productivity, and poor academic achievement among students. This study aims to understand and prevent these public health problems on the campus of Maseno University in Kenya. This project is being conducted as part of the Sustainable Development for HIV Health (SD4H) Program, a career development fellowship sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Fogarty International Center.

The overarching goal of this work is to ensure Maseno University has policies, procedures and practices that create an environment free from all forms of physical and sexual violence, allowing faculty members, staff, and trainees the opportunity to thrive. While Maseno University has existing policies and procedures aimed to deal with gender-based violence and workplace harassment, there are barriers that prevent patrons of the university from utilizing the services. This study seeks to build the capacity of Maseno to develop awareness, training, procedures and policies for responding to and preventing harassment and discrimination.

Research Aims

Aim 1:
To assess publicly available information and resources on sexual violence, sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence and discrimination at Maseno University.

Aim 2:
To assess the types and extent of sexual misconduct and harassment on the campus of Maseno University.

Aim 3:
To refine Maseno University’s policies and procedures to ensure they address sexual harassment complaints, while protecting the complainant; and develop a repository for workplace harassment case reporting and response.

Aim 4:
To develop materials to raise awareness about and build capacity to handle and respond to workplace harassment, and inform the research community of recourse, resources, and policies.

Funding Source

Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health 3D43TW011306-01A1S1

Project Resources

Tool to report incidents to Maseno University and learn about support available for students:

Sustainable Development to Prevent Sexual Misconduct at Kenya, Maseno University:

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Research Team

Maseno University

Karen Nyambura Nyangara

Principal Investigator and Project Lead

Louisa Njeri Ndunyu


Rhoda Loreen Musungu

Project Coordinator

Peter Kiprotich

Tools and Web Designer

Carol Chahilu

Graduate Student Researcher

Mercy James

Behavior Trainer

Joan Joy Cherono

Research Assistant

Jennifer Wagman

Principal Investigator

Shirelle Mizrahi

UCLA Graduate Student Researcher

Claire Amabile

UCLA Graduate Student Researcher

Grace Nguyen

UCLA Undergraduate Student Researcher

Becca Williams

Survivor Advocate Consultant

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