Global College Campus Violence Prevention Network

The Global College Campus Violence Prevention (GCVP) Network seeks to prevent sexual violence on college and university campuses, worldwide. We unite individuals and groups conducting (or intending to conduct) implementation research to inform and advocate for policies, programs, and practices to prevent and improve responses to campus-based violence. We envision all institutions of higher education as environments of learning, safety, respect, integrity, and equity.

As part of the GCVP Network, we started a Global Seed Grant program to provide pilot grants to universities from low- and middle-income countries to conduct research to strengthen their campus’ prevention and response to sexual violence. In 2018-2019, four Sub-Saharan African Universities were funded, with awards up to $25,000 USD. In 2019-2020, three Universities from Colombia, Mexico, and Kyrgyzstan were awarded up to $50,000 USD.
Please visit our website for more information about our network members’ projects, upcoming events, resources, and opportunities for involvement. –

Funding Source

  • Private donations
  • UCGHI Center for Gender Equity and Health

Core Team At UCLA

Jennifer A. Wagman, PhD, MHS

Principal Investigator

Claire Amabile, BA

Stephanie Sumstine, MPH

Shirelle Mizrahi, BA

Ariana Schieferle